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September 19, 2020

This is probably happiness

We never know how our word will respond. And now we may see it again. The last work of the 90-year-old artist from Israel Judit Tsamit is in the room of 13-year-old Nastya from Tolyatti!

Read what Nastya's mother, Tatyana Kudryavtseva, writes:
"We really liked the wooden Pluto. We plan to place it in our daughter's Nastya room.
I am sending a photo of my happy daughter with Pluto. Nastya is 12 years old. Turns 13 in a month. Nastya is a creative person - she is engaged in vocals, plays the piano. Likes to compose music compositions. With her peculiarities (complete lack of vision), she is very active, now she has invented and is implementing a project to help children in orphanages.
Nastya is a totally blind child, she cannot see with her eyes. But she sees the world a little differently. Her world is at her fingertips!
She answers the questions of other children as follows: "I see, but not with my eyes, like everyone else, but with my hands and feelings. I just don’t have eyes, and there are people without arms and legs!"
Nastya is very active, she creates interior items, paintings, and sells them through an auction on her VK page with the purpose of purchasing with the proceeds the necessary things for children.
Now she is collecting funds for an MP-player for a deaf-blind-mute girl.
Since Nastya is blind, seeing a picture tactilely is a great and rare joy!
And therefore, the portrait of the wooden dog Pluto made us very happy.

Tatiana Kudryavtseva".

What can I say to you, dear readers and visitors of the Seniors Age Art Museum.
This is probably happiness.
When the project begins to live its own independent life, which you did not even imagine.
And you and I know what to do, huh?
VK Nastya Kudryavtseva

Thanks to all.
Sasha Galitsky