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Mark on history

There’s a story about a man who lived around 150 years ago. He was the first one who took several photo cameras and tried to capture movement. How people or horses, or cats moved, how birds flew. He was smart, this guy, and his name was Eadweard Muybridge.

So, that was him and his great idea. Never mind! Kudos!

And one day a retired soldier came to him for a photo shoot, naked and with a bandolier across his belly. The other day came a young lady with a towel, also naked.

Could be.

I dare say, they even got paid a bit for such photo shoots. Or even more than just a bit. We will never know. Most probably, these episodes didn’t matter much for these random people. They surely had better stories to tell, of love, happiness, children, of illness and death, as is right and proper. We don’t know even their names.

The amazing thing is that by some quirk of fate they did not actually die, being immortalized in those nine frames by Muybridge.

For as long as the Earth keeps turning, as long as Internet exists (which, I hope, will go on last forever), it is easy to bring these people back to live again digitally. At least, I think so.

Come to think of it! That’s exactly the idea behind the Silver Age Art Museum. For example, some old lady crafted several clay birds. Or an old man dies but here’s his artwork folder filled with drawings and paintings. We can keep it in a closet. So what? Nothing, in particular. But such clay birds and pictures are the essense of people’s lives that stays here after they’re gone.

Even if the creators themselves would not give a brass farthing for these items. It doesn’t matter. We believe this is the most important thing. These thoughts were the fuel that drove us toward creating the Silver Age Art Museum.

And if we are able to understand, more or less, who were these people, if even briefly we can dip into their destinies, that will make their artwork priceless, in our opinion.

And here we share it with you.