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August 29, 2020

The artwork lottery

We raffled off the «Two cheerful women» September 01, 2020 our giveaway was won by Olga Brovkin.

Hey. We are with you again, and again we announce the lottery of these two beautiful, in our opinion, cheerful clay women. They are no longer destined to gather dust on the shelf. Waiting for you. You can help the Museum not with words - click on the orange button "Support us".

Terms of Giveaway

The Museum sends items for free (you pay only shipment charges). People from around the world receive works of seniors (pictures, sculptures, ceramics, memoirs in DOC or PDF formats, etc.) if they are ready to keep and exhibit them at home. Press Get the artwork button and register to participate in a giveaway. After the registration is over, we start the video stream of the draw.

We ship the item to the Winner after the shipment fee is received on the Museum’s PayPal account. After you receive your artwork, please, send us a high-resolution picture of artwork, preferably in the interior environment, and your portrait and short bio.



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