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Yana Bardachenko

Moscow, Russia

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Artist, photo editor, tattoo master.

Artworks by Dr. Amos Nir

1924 - 2014, Kefar Sava, Israel

Dr. Nir painted and carved wood at home on his own almost to the end in 2014. His widow has more than 100 works left, which she wants to donate to our Museum. The only thing is very important for her to know who will keep her husband's works, and we promised her that. Some of his works are already on display in Moscow, Berlin, Toronto, Brussels. Follow us.


1. Drawing Material: paper Technique: mixed media Size: 550x420 mm 2. Sketch for drawing Material: paper (reverse side of Amos Nir's old retiree sheet) Technique: pencil

I also want to strum the guitar! - King Kong

Material: wood Technique: painted relief Size: 295x200 mm