Keeper: Yulia Agarkov | The Silver Age Art Museum

The Silver Age Art Museum

Yulia Agarkov

Winnipeg, Canada


The Owl safely arrived to Canada.

Yulia writes: "We don't live in Canada for a long time, less than two years, only get up on our feet. Before that, we lived in Israel, in Bat Yam.

I have been collecting owls for about 15 years. This one is special, because I didn’t just buy it or someone gave it to me; I was appointed it's keeper, it itself chose me!

Now it vigilantly watches what we eat and with whom we are talking at the table.

Thanks so much for such a great opportunity!"

Artworks by Ruth Gorali

unkown, Hod Hasharon, Israel

Lives in Hod Hasharon. Supposedly, born in Germany in the 30s of the last century.

The Owl in the vineyard.

Material: mahogany Technique: wooden relief Dimensions: 250 x 200 mm Weight: 670 gr