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September 04, 2020

The Center for Seniors and People with special needs "MAYAK"

Ramenskoe, Moscow region, Russia

The Center has become one of the exhibiting sites for the The Silver Age Art Museum.

Alexey Sabadash: “Actually, the Center has a tradition - we have a large gallery of lighthouses, and significant guests, if they wish, leave a parting (donation) inscription. Naturally, the Center is sensitive to the lighthouses, which follows from the name and the course, which was developed by the leadership of the network of "Mayak".
Today we thank Sasha Galitsky for believing in us and entrusting us with 2 works by Amos Nir "Mayak" and "Mayak-2". For us it was extremely important and solemn: our network is called "Mayak", we learn from Sasha to work with elderly people. Today in the Center everyone came up to us: guests, staff, relatives and asked with surprise and admiration: “Really, from Israel !? Is this an elderly person's work!? The project is called The Silver Age Art Museum!?". And we gladly answered everyone: “Yes!”.
Now these works will become, in a way, the “mascot” of the Center and a new milestone in its cultural work.
THANKS, Museum!