Keeper: Alla Nisilevich | The Silver Age Art Museum

The Silver Age Art Museum

Alla Nisilevich

Odessa, Ukraine


One of the first Museum keepers.

Alla writes:

"I received the drawing. Many thanks to you and to the author. It will hang in my office and remind me that life is a long journey in which there are both difficulties and joys! The fate of the author of this work touched me deeply. It raises eternal values in the soul - Gratitude, Faith, Love, Patience ...!".

Artworks by Jacob (Yanek) Friedman

1926 - 2020, L’viv, then - Poland — Israel

"At the age of 14-15 in the Janowski camp, I met people much smarter and more experienced than me, waiting for the mercy of the Nazis, I understood then the most important thing. Submission and apathy will not save you. You must take risks to survive". Download “Memoirs of Yakov Friedman” and read the full text of the conversation with the author.

Untitled drawing

Material: thin cardboard Technique: wax pastel, watercolor, pencil Size: 500x350 mm