Keeper: Elena Bobryshev | The Silver Age Art Museum

The Silver Age Art Museum

Elena Bobryshev

Jerusalem, Israel


Elena lives in a suburb of Jerusalem: “I am very happy becoming the owner of the work from the Silver Age Art Museum. The warmth and piercing coming from the picture of the spouses of Gil Maya and William, warms my family in this difficult time. Happiness to all and health! ”

Artworks by Vilen Gil

1929 - 2020, Kiev, Ukraine — Brooklyn, NY, USA

Retiree, worked as a gas heating engineer in Kiev for many years. Last 30 some years resided in Brooklyn, being one of the most active volunteers at the Bensonhurst Community Cultural Center. Died in spring 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. יהיה זכרו ברוך

Family portrait

Material: color paper Technique: hand print from wax engraving Dimensions: 210x297 mm