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Eliyahu Petrushka

1915 - 2018, Poland — Kefar Sava, Israel


Eliyahu Petrushka was born in March 1915. He was fortunate to circumvent Polish Nazi collaborators in Warsaw even before the beginning of WWII. In 1939 Eliyahu escaped to Russia. All through the war he worked as a director of the orphanage for Polish children in the little town of Zagorsk outside of Moscow. After the war Eliyahu repatriated to Israel and became a renowned microbiologist.

At the age of 99 Eliyahu lost his son to an aggressive form of cancer. At 102 he found his nephew, the son of the brother who had disappeared during WWII. The meeting of uncle and nephew, filmed by an Israeli TV, was watched all over the world by more than a million viewers.

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Russian: and

Keeper Liza Zhukov


From Moscow, now lives in Givatayim. Editor in the past, currently works as a manager.

Female portrait

Material: wood Technique: painted relief