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Dr. Amos Nir

1924 - 2014, Kefar Sava, Israel


Dr. Nir painted and carved wood at home on his own almost to the end in 2014. His widow has more than 100 works left, which she wants to donate to our Museum. The only thing is very important for her to know who will keep her husband's works, and we promised her that. Some of his works are already on display in Moscow, Berlin, Toronto, Brussels. Follow us.

Dr. Amos Nir was born in Czestochowa, Poland. The family immigrated to Israel in 1924.

He received his primary education in Jerusalem, then studied at the Herzliya gymnasium in Tel Aviv.

Graduate of the Beit HaKerem Pedagogical Seminary, Jerusalem.

In 1946 he went to study in the United States.

Doctor of Psychology (USA).

Upon returning to Israel, he leads the psychological service in Petah Tikva municipality.

Later, for 25 years, Amos Nir led the psychological service in Tel Aviv municipality.

In his work, he paid great attention to helping children with disabilities.

Established a consulting research department at Bar-Ilan University.

After retiring, he and his wife worked for the Ezra organisation, where they founded the Israeli wing (the organisation was created after the Yom Kippur war to support English-speaking immigrants).

Both received certification of appreciation from the organisation "for their tireless work to advance education and welfare issues for the underprivileged, immigrants and veterans."

Keeper Elena Krasnova

Brussels, Belgium

Guide to Belgium and Luxembourg. She loves to show and tell, to visit the hottest places with her guests, to taste and surprise. Certified Chocolatier (yes, these are those insidious people who, even in their dreams, think about how to surprise you with new tastes of chocolates).

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Small house among a trees

Material: paper Technique: acrylic Size: 366x280 mm

The tree above the water

Material: paper Technique: acrylic, gel pen Size: 500x348 mm

Keeper Inna Fialko

Odessa, Ukraine

Inna: "I was very lucky - the work of Amos Nir just fascinated me! It is joyful, it tells me that old age is not terrible, it does not kill the inner beauty in a person, and even after 90 there is an opportunity to create!".

Red flowers

Material: canvas Technique: acrylic Size: 300x350x15mm Weight: 221 gr

Keeper The Center for Seniors and People with special needs "MAYAK"

Ramenskoe, Moscow region, Russia

The Center has become one of the exhibiting sites for the The Silver Age Art Museum.

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Lighthouse - 2

Material: black paper Technique: acrylic Size: 500x3452 mm


Material: black paper Technique: acrylic Size: 248x342 mm

Keeper Roman Gold

Netanya, Israel

Roman lives in Israel, he is one of those people thanks to whom our Museum exists.

Autobiographic Picture

Paper, water colors, size without frame: 420x550 mm

Keeper Michael Feldman

New Jersey, USA

Born in Moscow. Lives in New Jersey, works as a Physician assistant in a hospital in New York.

Small house by the river

Material: black paper Technique: acrylic, gel pen Size: 500x348 mm

Keeper Irena Lysak

Raanana, Israel

Born in Lvov, lives in Israel, worked in the field of telecommunications and cellular.

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The white dog talking to the Moon

Material: paper Technique: acrylic Size: 240x335 mm

Keeper Veronica Gamm

Haifa, Israel

Veronica: "Amos Nir's “Cameleer” is staying in the mountains of Haifa. Now he pleases one cool family of four with his warmth: Veronica, Gena, Mark and Ilan. Thanks to the artist's widow for the painting provided!"

The cameleer

Material: paper Technique: acrylic Size: 500x350 mm

Keeper Karina Kordyukov

Jerusalem, Israel

Karina lives in Jerusalem and raises a daughter.

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Dialogue near window

Material: yellow paper Technique: acrylic Size: 340x350 mm

Keeper Yulia Shifrin

Thornhill, Canada

Biological scientist.

House against the black background

Material: paper Technique: acrylic Size: 500x348mm

Keeper Alexandra Migunova-Tihonyuk

Mamonovo, Kaliningrad region, Russia

Collector and curator. Alexandra's main preferences in art are art brut and works of naive artists.

Motherhood 2

Material: pine Technique: painted relief Size: 140x230 mm

Do elephants kiss too?

Material: slightly curved beech, presumably blank for the back of a chair Technique: painted relief Size: 320x190 mm Weight: 720 gr

Keeper Rita Kryukov

Berlin, Germany

Rita says: “We really love your project, and since we have a lot of teachers and artists in our family, we really wanted to have the work of Amos Nir. Now this Jew will play the violin in our Prenzlauer Berg - on the street where the events of Hans Fallada's novel "Everyone Dies Alone" took place. For me, this is how the circle closes - Jews, communists, Germans, Russians, Moscow, Berlin, Tel Aviv and the work of Amos Nir".

The violinist and the dog

Material: oak Technique: painted relief Size: 270x195 mm

Keeper Elena Borisova

Moscow, Russia.

Elena, a journalist from Moscow: “These two works from the Museum are now in my home, in Moscow. "Horse with foal" by Amos Nir, who was born in Czestochowa. And "Incomprehensible animals on the fence." I know that these are cats, watercolor cats by Sando Yakubovich. I also really wanted Sando Yakubovich's bird, but I didn't have time, the bird flew to Arizona And cats definitely get frame as soon as I understand which one they need. Thank you, Museum.

Mare with foal

Material: wood Technique: painted relief Size: 280x220 mm

Keeper Yana Bardachenko

Moscow, Russia

Artist, photo editor, tattoo master.


1. Drawing Material: paper Technique: mixed media Size: 550x420 mm 2. Sketch for drawing Material: paper (reverse side of Amos Nir's old retiree sheet) Technique: pencil

I also want to strum the guitar! - King Kong

Material: wood Technique: painted relief Size: 295x200 mm

Keeper Elena Anisimova

Rostov, Yaroslavl region, Russia.

Artist of enamel painting at the "Rostov enamel" factory.

Adam and Eve under the withered Tree of the Knowledge

Material: paper Technique: acrylic Size: 500x348 mm

Keeper Tatyana Maleeva

Irpin, Ukraine

“I thank the Museum for creating such a project. I am very glad to have the opportunity to keep Amos Nir's painting "The Dog and the Moon - 2", - writes Tatyana.

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The white dog after conversation with the Moon

Material: paper Technique: acrylic Size: 290x355mm

Keeper Tatyana Pavlova

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Works in the Russian Museum in the department of oil painting restoration.


Material: oak Technique: painted relief Size: 195x270 mm

Artworks kept in our storerooms

Мale portrait

Paper, gouache, 274x365 mm

Dark forest

Black paper, acrylic paints, size w/o frame 490x335 mm