Artwork: One-legged in the bath | The Silver Age Art Museum

The Silver Age Art Museum

One-legged in the bath


2018, Kefar Sava, Israel

Glazed ceramics, 260x220x80 mm, 1800 gr

The work of an unknown artist from Kfar Saba was transferred by the museum for eternal storage in Nonna Neft from Pittsburgh, USA.

We suspect that the one-legged one was initially conceived by the author as a two-legged one, but the left leg was lost during the ceramic firing, and the unknown author (for some reason it seems to us that this is a woman) lost interest in her work and threw it on the shelf in the ceramics studio.

Well, in vain.

Could afford, for example, Michelangelo to beat off his leg in "Lamentation of Christ."

And nothing bad had happend.

Kept by Nonna Neft