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June 01, 2020

Anna Bzhiska

Krakow, Poland

Former Moscow resident she has been living in Krakow for a long time. MSU graduate with a degree in biochemistry. Currently, she is engaged in scientific translations and charity work, including helping the elderly in the Krakow hospice.

Anna: “We moved to our house near Krakow almost 9 years ago, and all this time a part of the wall above the piano was empty. Many times I wanted to buy something, but it didn't work out. And now I realized that we were just waiting for this picture of Miriam. It looked naturally between the photographs of our children and my husband's parents. And the angels (behind which there is a very special story) also accepted it. When I first saw your post with a picture, it was impossible to tear myself away - not so much from the picture as from the eyes of Miriam. Three of our four grandmothers (two mine and two of my husband) were Maria - Polish, Jewish and Russian. So our eldest daughter is also Maria. And now a piece of Israeli Miriam will forever remain in our home. Please convey our thanks to her.

And the last work of Naftali is now on my desk. All around - books, photographs of loved ones. And this work of Naftali. In my opinion, he turned out to be an old man, not a boy.

I am sitting, working on a computer, and it feels like Naftali himself looks the eyes of this oldman-boy. Nowhere to go. A little more, and again he will speak, picking up Polish words. When my husband and I visited Naftali in Kefar Sava in October, he offered to give us Moses - also a relief carved in your classes. And at the end of April 2018, Naftali died. I knew him for a very short time, but even so he managed to become an important and close person. Thank you - for both Naftali and Miriam".



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